Shipped all the way to France & London! MBL 2020 Board Tutorial

My first international shipment was to France! Thank you Caroline for having me ship to France and London for you! Here is how to fill the boards!

Step 1:

I used 5 slices of Dry Coppa tightly rolled, a slice of white stilton w/apricots cheese from @Trader Joes. Rainbow radish slices (2 radishes total), 8 dried okra (both from Trader Joes). I sliced one golden kiwi, I used 10 slices of Sweet Sopressata, 2 slices at a time and folded them twice. A stem full of black seedless grapes.

Step 2:

I added some fresh honey comb that I purchased on @amazon. 6 cubes of cheddar cheese, 12 raspberries, 7 dried apricots (regular and Turkish (brown/black ones), 4 slices of a Japanese cucumber, 5 Blueberry Yogurt Pretzels, 7 Green Castelvetrano Olives. I also included these items from @Trader Joes- 3 sweetened Hibiscus flowers, 3 slices of Blueberry Vanilla Chevre (Goat Cheese), 2 Mini Brie Individual Wheels, 9 Mango Ginger Crisps

Step 3:

I added 6 tomato medley tomatoes sliced length wise, 10 Truffle Almonds, 6 Blackberries, 6 slices of Black Truffle Nuggets (@WorldMarket), 6 rainbow carrots sliced lengthwise, 8 pieces of Muenster Cheese cubes, 2 small vines of Red Currants (@CentralMarket), 6 slices of a small cucumber, 12 blueberries, 5 Raspberry Meringues w/White Chocolate (Found these at @HomeGoods), 4 Dried Golden Figs, Combo of 18 Red & Yellow Pearl Peppers (@CentralMarket). The small clear appetizer plates are from @TheDollarTree.

Step 4 (Final):

I added a 1.5 oz Hexagon Glass Jar filled w/Hummus, 5 Fig & Thyme Crackers (Simple Truth @Kroger), 10 sweetened dried papaya (@Sprouts), 8 Inner Peas Snacks (@TraderJoes), Fresh Rosemary, Fresh yellow flowers and greenery from Krogers Floral Department. The small honey dipper stick is 3.5 in from @Amazon. Bon Appetit!

Personalized Board:

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