"Beat the Summer Heat" Charcuterie Style

Yesterday I was watching one of my favorite @foodnetwork shows, @thekitchen, and they were doing a "Beat the Heat" themed show. They inspired me to do a board with their logo (Hope they don't mind!) so I can share my favorite way to cook (or not cook) my summer meals! This would be grazing/charcuterie style of course! I also own a small catering company, live in Texas, and these boards are my #1 request, it's so nice to not have too turn on the oven in 100 degree weather! See below how I filled The Kitchen themed board below.

Step 1: I added a handful of large Black Grapes, Slice of White Stilton Mango & Ginger Cheese (Customers Favorite! @Traderjoes), 4 dried Apricots and 4 Turkish dried Apricots mixed, 6 Truffle Salami Nuggets (@Worldmarket), 8 Green Castelvetrano Olives, 10 slices of Sweet Sopressata (2 slices overlapping each other then tightly rolled).

Step 2: Next I added 1 sliced Golden Kiwi, 1.5 oz jar filled w/Hummus, 8 Fig & Thyme Crackers (@simpletruth @Krogerco), 8 Red Raspberries, 10 slices of Dry Coppa (2 slices each folded twice), a small appetizer plate filled with Red & Yellow Red Pepper Pearls (@Centralmarket), 3 slices of Blueberry Vanilla Chevre (Delicious! @Traderjoes), small handful of Truffle Almonds, 2 pieces of Red Currants, 8 Blackberries, 7 slices of Japanese Cucumber

Step 3: Then I sliced up 2 Rainbow Radishes (I prefer rainbow vs regular for a variety of color), added a small handful of Wasabi Peas, 15 Mushroom Chips (@Sprouts), I sliced 5 Rainbow Carrots lengthwise (add's a nice look to the board!), 7 slices of Mini Cucumber, 12 Mango Ginger Crisps (@Traderjoes), sliced 6 Medley Tomatoes Lengthwise, 2 Baby Brie Wheels (@Traderjoes), small handful Sweetened Dried Papaya (@Sprouts), and finally a small bunch of small Red Grapes.

Step 4: Next I added 10 Blueberry Yogurt Covered Pretzels (for some added color from @totalwine), small handful of Dried Chickpeas, 3 pieces of Sweetened Hibiscus Flower (a MUST TRY from @Traderjoes), Fresh Honey Comb on small appetizer plate, 18 Blueberries, 6 Dried Golden Figs, 6 pieces of Dried Okra (@Traderjoes, @Kroger, @Sprouts, @Centralmarket). ***If you've never tried dried Okra I highly recommend! It's a delicious salty, crunchy, high fiber snack!***

Step 5: Finally I added 5 large Cheddar Cheese Cubes, 9 Purple Potato Chips (@Centralmarket), 8 cubes Muenster Cheese, 9 pieces of "Inner Peas" (@Traderjoes). Then to top it off I added some fresh Rosemary, Mint, Basil, small Yellow Flowers and Greenery from @Krogerfloral department. If The Kitchen hosts see this, I hope you love it as much as I love the show! Bon Appetit!

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